Crooked Sky Trading Post owner Debbie Wood puts great thought into the jewelry pieces selected to bring into the shop.  Debbie picks only the highest quality jewelry to offer customers.  Its Debbie eye for unique, and often hard to find styles of jewelry like vintage turquoises, Native American jewelry and hand-dipped leaf pieces that bring customers to Crooked Sky from miles around.

Vintage Native American Turquoise

The turquoise stone has symbolized water and sky to Native Americans for decades, make this stone of great significance.  Crooked Sky Trading Post has one of the largest collections of quality turquoise jewelry outside of the Southwestern United States.

Copper Jewelry

Copper was a popular metal and readily available in the days of the Wild West.  Doc Holliday, Buffalo Bill, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickoc and Annie Oakley each could have had their own copper jewelry favorites. In the spirit of the Old West, Crooked Sky Trading Post in Branson has a large collection of copper jewelry hand picked by Debbie Wood.

Hand Dipped Leaf Jewelry

Hand dipped leaf jewelry is a unique gift or special piece to choose for yourself.  Beautiful natural leaves are chosen and then dipped in various metals like gold or silver to preserve the leaf’s features, creating a stunning jewelry piece.

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